technology and systems


At NABCO we are constantly researching industry trends, adopting new methodology, and studying new ways to do things effectively and efficiently so that our technicians can provide our customers with the most effective and efficient services possible. Some examples of this might include the infra-red heat scanner we can use to find abnormal heat displacements in our customer’s electrical grids, determine if there is a problem, and if so handle the problem before it causes a loss in production due to issues in old electrical switchgear or wiring not be visible from the surface. We also have equipment that can monitor utility grid power surges to better protect our customer’s assets and make sure they are safe from rogue voltage spikes. NABCO can also create energy usage audits to find out if our customers are getting the most “bang for their buck” in regard to existing facilities and innovative cost-saving options that might be implemented without breaking the bank. 

Here at NABCO we have a large range of customers from an array of industries, some who do business on a large scale and others who are of a more moderate size or just starting out, but our goal is that NABCO clients of all types and sizes are secure in the knowledge that NABCO will be on the cutting edge of technology and industry standards, and they can rest easy and focus on the things that make their operations productive and not on making sure their electrical contractor is qualified to bring the best solution to the table. Whether it is building customized PLCs and control panels or just reducing your electrical bill by replacing old light fixtures with new efficient LED fixtures, NABCO has a solution for your electrical needs. 

Notable Technology and Systems Clients

  • Alstom
  • City of Shelby, NC
  • City of Chattanooga, TN
  • Honeywell
  • Ken Garner Manufacturing
  • Tennessee American Water Company
  • Town of Franklin, NC
  • Wilson Control Services