“At NABCO, a major part of our Safety Philosophy is that management must genuinely exemplify a commitment to safe practices.   
- Wes Bowman, Chief Operating Officer

Safety is one of the core values communicated and modeled by NABCO leadership. We believe that maintaining safe work practices is not only the right thing to do, but also produces other benefits such as less turnover, fewer insurance claims, higher productivity and an overall happier workforce. When safety is coupled with other core values of environmental stewardship, utmost ethical behavior and respect for people, then individual and business productivity improves along with quality and profitability. Our expectation is that all employees will, “Talk, Walk, and Do Safety.”

NABCO is committed to providing our employees with proper tools and resources such as the company’s safety manual containing industry-wide safety procedures and standards, training, audit forms, investigation procedures, and other techniques necessary to work safely. Full participation in the safety culture of NABCO is a condition of employment from training to implementation of safe work practices and processes.

We believe that safety is inherent in the sustainability of our company, because if you are able to do it safely, you will lead in the other aspects of business as well. Most importantly, having a strong safety culture with a broadly shared commitment to zero injuries helps ensure that each employee leaves the workplace as safe or safer than when they arrived.